In the decision to invest in on line double sided printing apparatus economic feasibility Roland CJ 540 the printing vendors should carefully calculate

In the decision to invest in on-line double-sided printing apparatus economic feasibility Roland CJ-540, the printing vendors should carefully calculate the expected number of orders based on the printing machine utilization. If its utilization is very high, the advantages of multi-color perfector group will be very prominent: the production and printing cycles, with a single print job preparation and a washing process; final printed earlier finishing process can be carried out, then Customers can also receive the goods sooner; due process does not require additional time printing, you can waive the go powder, intermediate storage and flip the paper stack and other procedures.

All printers are hoping to improve production time and the ratio of makeready time Roland CJ-600, equipped with inline printing double-sided printing unit perfectly achieve this: it only requires one rather than two printing processes, thus greatly drying and reducing the waiting time. For example, in a ten-color perfector printing on 5/5 color 32 booklets, than in a five-color direct printing presses printing to save about 30% of the time. Saving time is important, but on-line double-sided printing devices better place than that. Print quality must meet the requirements of customers increasingly high, Roland-line double-sided printing unit can ensure this.

Precise registration before the first condition is that the high stability of the entire mechanical system Roland CJ-70, equipped with dual diameter paper flip Roland drum line double-sided printing unit, with the speed of delivery of the paper to ensure high quality and most accurate printing front and rear registration . In addition, most flat paper delivery channel, transmission and air pressure at least paper sheet guide system ensures a first-class printing quality. Any defective printed materials will be removed from the high stability of the mechanical system ensures high registration accuracy.






Most of these machines are now starting production Roland CJ 540 Central Wisconsin in Wisconsin Hartford plant is 64 production sites manroland ROTOMAN system

Most of these machines are now starting production Roland CJ-540. Central Wisconsin in Wisconsin Hartford plant is 64 production sites manroland ROTOMAN system, each in two configurations. In this largely rural U.S. states, Milwaukee Northwest, Quad’s nine U.S. has four printing plants located here, are less than 50 miles from Harvard, here is this group’s core printing business, From 1971 onwards, a warehouse building in Pewaukee began producing prints.

This gigantic brown building complex located in Harvard lonely town (population 12,000 inhabitants) on the outskirts of a thousand at work today Roland CJ-600,  about 250 people in the printing sector. Manroland 28 sleeve press, the upper print production rests on a concrete platform for ordinary American magazines and directory format, finding its size is 565 mm, the maximum roll width of 1905 mm. 4 ROTOMAN double printing units, each is equipped with MEGTAC behind double Dry type.

Behind the cooling device, the web is divided into four tapes Roland CJ-70, together into the “double former folder”, the type and the United States using only folder formers and cutting rollers, can produce two 32 sides in three able signatures open, or more usually produce four 16 fold tie. Maximum speed of 90 000 rpm, which can reach 360,000 posts hourly output capability. The main production 16 fold tie is because U.S. publishers choose Insert binding adhesive postcards and product samples or we can have the greatest choice.






the environmental requirements while for you to provide superior outdoor weathering performance Roland CJ600

Roland FJ-740K outdoor photo machine – Product Overview FJ-740K high-fidelity outdoor inkjet machine to meet the environmental requirements while for you to provide superior outdoor weathering performance Roland CJ600. Today, the advertising industry, sign making industry in the production of durable and economical screen is no longer attractive for their own health and concerns about the environmental issues. FJ-740K will be excellent production print speeds and excellent print quality blend that can output a variety of outdoor durability with a fine screen.

This durable outdoor inkjet machine has specially designed for signs Roland CJ70, banners, POP display the output of goods and vehicle advertising production and design unique signage quality print mode, speeds of up to 28 m 2 / hr (300 ft 2 / hr) . FJ-740K using the four-way graphics provide you with low volatility environment-friendly ECO ink, when used without special ventilation or environmental equipment, the device is printing process, staff can breathe freely. FJ-740K commonly used on the market can print on uncoated media.

Advanced ECO ink with built-in heating system Roland CJ740,  FJ-740K print out colorful and bright image products can be UV resistant, scratch resistant, and waterproof, weather resistance than a year *. In addition, indoor applications, FJ-740K with 1440 dpi high precision combined with variable droplet printing technology can provide comparable with photo printing and color fidelity. *: Outdoor durability based on accelerated weather tests, actual results will depend on the geographic and uses.






combined with high speed performance and superior image quality Roland CJ600

Roland Roland XJ-640 inkjet machine – SOLJET PRO III XJ series offers 64 and 74-inch models, combined with high-speed performance and superior image quality Roland CJ600, a new four-color and six-color digital printing peak. [Important feature] to enhance efficiency and cost savings are divided into 64 inches and 74-inch models, six colors (CMYKLcLm) or 4 colors (CCMMYK) XJ series of products to Roland’s renowned SOLJET technology, capable of more high print speeds still maintaining excellent image quality.

Maximum print speed of 42.6 m2 / h (458.61 square feet / hour), XJ Series designed specifically for indoor and outdoor graphics production and printing Roland CJ70, including banners, signs, selling ads, advertisement, advertising light boxes, pictures and other more activities multi-application. XJ Series supports multiple types of media, including vinyl, banner, photo paper, poster paper and canvas. In order to achieve a more robust production efficiency, XJ series introduced the automatic maintenance system that features that can save valuable ink and time to achieve lower overall operating costs.

XJ array print head design completely eliminates the lengthy calibration procedure Roland CJ740. XJ series of eye-catching visual effects in 1440  1440 dpi resolution, the high density, rich color printing indoor and outdoor images, both near and far are people amazed watching. Professionally optimized, XJ Series can in each print mode have reached an unprecedented high image quality, and produce flawless skin tone, high-contrast images. And even at the highest speeds can also print out the absence of a solid color stripe effect.






it can be said that high end advertising mimaki print head and indoor photo imaging industry’s ultimate performance

1. Micro Piezo out of ink, double-precision six-color photo: the use of the most advanced Micro Piezo print technology, Epson nozzle fourth generation long-life, maintenance-free. Using the “C + M + Y + K + OR + GR” and “C + M + Y + K + LC + LM” two color scheme. Greatly expanded color gamut performance, so that works vivid, delicate, rich layers, printing precision wedding photos with excellent results, it can be said that high-end advertising mimaki print head and indoor photo imaging industry’s ultimate performance! 2. Smart drops transform: Advanced Intelligent drops transform the picture effect interpretation to consummate state, the smallest only 5 picoliter ink dots printed screen fine and delicate!

3. High-speed transmission interface: standard 1394 high-speed FireWire interface, transfer rate: 400MB/bps (current Ethernet port as 100MB/bps) 4. Garra attempts to prevent a unique design: MIMAKI designed two kinds of standard and high-speed print mode, print speed in the standard, you can set the number of stack ink nozzle back and scrape the nozzle on a timely unclean material, thereby greatly extending the life of the nozzle.mimaki jv3 is a real sense of attempts to prevent the head design function 5. New and improved pressure roller, to ensure accuracy: tight pressure roller arrangement, the use of the latest “Automatic pressure roller pressure adjustment settings” roller may vary in different media thicknesses leaving the press wheel pressure automatic compensation, thus greatly expand the application of the media, while ensuring that the paper feed precision.

6. Standard automatic take-up reel: to ensure long pieces of paper away and never go astray, and can achieve unattended, reducing scrap possible, but also greatly improves the power efficiency, streamline human labor. 7. Spray cart with cartridges: Set high technology and smart structures in one state can fine-tune the nozzle, high and low, the nozzle can be within the range 1.2-10mm automatic adjustment mimaki jv4, widely adapted to the requirements of various thicknesses of paper to ensure smooth output . Twelve cartridges located across the rear of the machine, the ink pressure more uniform, printing efficiency can effectively guarantee






ink Sublimation Ink supply system is to protect the ink fluency supply timeliness prerequisite for the ink system is normal or not largely affected the use of ink

Sublimation Ink
Ink system status: ink Sublimation Ink supply system is to protect the ink fluency, supply timeliness prerequisite for the ink system is normal or not, largely affected the use of ink, thereby affecting the print output quality and sustainability. Such as: the ink tube leak can cause the ink discontinuity, making the print head ink shortage, there will be white line drawing, print a blank other phenomena, some will cause the print head inside and outside pressure imbalance, long Debu the ink supplement, or even burn the print head, which print head for bubble, the more general (since bubbles printhead ink is to rely on heat to cool the crystal, the crystal temperature in the dry state for a long time, easy to aging, burn coke) Another example: the level of liquid cartridges for printers work using the siphon principle is particularly critical because the level is too high or too low will destroy the siphon ink supply mode, there lay head, white lines, lack of ink and other phenomena, of course, , good quality ink (i.e. viscosity, surface tension, etc. medium) than the ink of poor quality affected by the liquid to a lesser extent.

Such as: Many customers will be indoor printer cartridges decryption, making the ink dye sublimation inks supply system transformation, the cartridges are not placed at random positions, but according to the level of demand for display. So, in the printout process, to give timely cartridge (drums) plus ink, in order to ensure normal operation of the printer level.working conditions of the machine include: the print head, ink supply system (see earlier), the print head carriage, heating and drying systems, medium transport system, the printer is a soft, organic combination of hardware, only the system with the normal, in order to have good printing effect, to make ink for better performance.

Such as: The print head carriage is too high, prone to misting, because the car in high speed motion, the droplet trajectory is too long, easy to deviate from its intended placement of ink encad dye ink droplets, causing image blur, edge virtual hair. Therefore, most wide-format printers are trolley height can be adjusted without affecting other factors, conditions, if you want to require a finer print output, as far as possible to reduce the print head carriage. Another example: heating and drying system is not working properly, it will affect the ink drying and adhesion, many printers have a preheat (medium heat) and after heating (image heating), drying and other devices, especially for solvents, weak solvent printers and, more importantly, the purpose of preheating before the movement of molecules medium speed, better penetration of the ink molecules, have better adhesion; then heated to accelerate the drying of the screen, to improve the productivity of the printer (for Output speed is relatively fast printer, the effect is obvious).






PM series inkjet printers performance characteristics compared with other similar products and the advantages of an automatic flex machine

flex machine
PM series inkjet printers performance characteristics compared with other similar products and the advantages of an automatic flex machine / manual suction cleaning system convenient and efficient suction cleaning system, both running at any time according to set automatic sprinklers pumping frequency, they can use the manual cleaning keys to achieve focus, strong suction function attempts to prevent double nozzle protection, help you easily achieve the perfect print.  external high-capacity closing / discharge waste ink devices humanized design capacity closing / discharge waste ink device, you can easily collect large volumes of waste ink so as to effectively prevent erosion vacuum cleaner, and easy to emissions processing.

The recess printing mesa structure, mesh fabric flex printer machine, and more suitable medium, a clean sweep, high quality of mind.  high-speed stability of the PCI card, simply click the mouse, easy to get all print operations; same time, you can also use the panel 8 shortcut keys, all because you need to manufacture.  free removal nozzle cleaning system LIYU unique patented technology, just gently unscrew the nut, you can easily cleaning nozzle, while avoiding the nozzle directly affected by the force, so as to effectively protect the nozzle.  after heating and drying system implementation of the media before printing after printing the pre-heating and drying can be heated by the ink and media compatibility fast, not only improves the outdoor durability of the screen, and greatly enhance picture printing.

Meanwhile, through a simple and convenient temperature control device, you can arbitrarily different geographical and climatic adjust the heating temperature flex printing machine.  sub ink tank level monitoring and alarm system for low ink level sensors for real-time, so you remove the worries, take preventive measures. Automatic Feeding System Feeding the unique three-axis system, not only can easily drive a large weight, high viscosity roll media, real cloth unattended automatic release function, but also can effectively avoid In the feed may occur during printing length deviation and deviation problems, allowing you to enlarge the apparent splicing inkjet win.






Thailand and the United States Sri Lanka 3312 speed PCI high speed printing cards flex machine DSP control technology

flex machine
Model: Thailand and the United States Sri Lanka 3312  speed: PCI high speed printing cards flex machine, DSP control technology, non-stop, high-precision linear guide bidirectional printing, import synchronous belt, drive wheel, three-phase stepper systems  professional micro light color: XAAR128 nozzle, color fidelity,.

Saturation, no stripes Automatic ink supply flex printer machine, automatic ink, Automatic for the dry cleaning solvent cleaning nozzle system model forced Thailand and the United States Adams 3312 XAAR128 Micro Piezo printhead bidirectional printing precision 370dpi print mode number of nozzles XAAR128  8 media Print width 3200mm Width 3300mm Print speed 2pass: 30 m / h 4pass: 20 m / h Color CMYK ink solvent pigment ink for ink liquid level sensors, continuous ink supply pressure pump automatic adjustable flash head cleaning spray (attempts to prevent ).

Print media inside and outside lighting box cloth flex printing machine, single transparent stickers, tarpaulin canvas, sticky notes, glue and other body perspective print interface PCI interface, dedicated DSP automatic control card software platform WindowsNT, 2000 Environmental Requirements Power Requirements: 220V-AC-way (  5%) room temperature 18-28 , indoor humidity 40-60% Dimensions (mm) (W * H * L) 808 �1125  4400






UV Inkjet Printer is a UV curable inks and digital printing technology the perfect combination infiniti solvent printer

infiniti solvent printer
UV Inkjet Printer, is a UV curable inks and digital printing technology the perfect combination infiniti solvent printer, it appears is to adapt to market demand, has been widely recognized by customers. UV inkjet printing machine’s efficiency and very high quality material surface in a variety of color printing, printing not only soft materials, but also to diversify the direction of development, such as glass, wood, floor tiles, ceilings, ceramic and other materials can be a beautiful pattern printing is digital printing technology trends.

Using this technique, you can achieve what you want to paint anything on the spray printing flex, high speed, high precision; ordinary inkjet machine not only has the advantages, and the realization of a machine, or screen printing industry better supplement. Previously required in the screen printing materials, printing, and now the use of UV inkjet printers can immediately print, Lidengkequ. High production efficiency, saving more time and reduce production costs and other advantages.

UV inkjet printers has brought us another advantage is the ability to open up new business opportunities roland printer, the diversity of the printed material, it has broader applications, to meet the needs of industry, all kinds of customers a variety of materials, color inkjet requirements. UV Inkjet Printer major application sectors 1, the glass industry UV inkjet printers can print directly on the glass surface a variety of patterns to replace hand-painting, to achieve free version, efficient, low-cost, real-time processing of rich colors.






Now most of the users are using inkjet printers CISS Eco Ink and Cartridges we have the following referred to as CISS The main feature is the CISS ink added convenience the cost is very low

Eco Ink and Cartridges
Now most of the users are using inkjet printers CISS Eco Ink and Cartridges, we have the following referred to as “CISS.” The main feature is the CISS ink added convenience, the cost is very low. However, we do not underestimate the added ink this simple action, many users add ink due to improper diet caused unnecessary losses, the following would simply say the following: First: the choice of quality and compatible ink added. Many customers have finished using CISS ink comes, due to momentary or temporary convenience cheap, buy some ink added to the chaos even for years, to think that even for the outer box to add any ink are the same, but ignored the CISS is easy to use The key point is that the ink, add ink after printing often clogged, broken, cast phenomenon, so we still try to choose high-quality ink.

Also note that in addition to the added external quality ink than with the original ink is compatible Epson eco solvent ink, a lot of customers because of two inks react and cause corrosion and agglomeration nozzle clogging nozzle. Second: Do not add ink CISS For convenience carton mentioning the high pressure will lead to imbalance caused by overflow of ink from the nozzle of the nozzle short burn the motherboard. Third: Add CISS ink before you put the vent off first and then add ink refilling hole, and then restore the original state, ie after a good ink unplug vent hole plugs, remember ventilated barns can not have too much ink, vent ink level is too high will cause the ink jet pressure changes arising from poor situations.

Fourth: one nozzle printer cartridges CISS add ink before Roland eco solvent ink, the best CISS ink cartridge together with taken out from the machine and then add ink. CISS pressure during use has been to maintain a balance, suddenly gave carton add ink cartridges can cause pressure on short-term imbalances, there will be an overflow leaving the ink cartridges from the nozzle a short circuit, it is recommended that you remove and then add ink CISS , add after such pressure balance inside the box and carton after use on the machine, if there is an overflow of ink can dip net with toilet paper ink nozzles until the balance, and then on the machine, pay attention to clean the machine before print cartridge copper contacts.